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Full Version: What's for dinner
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Tonight is corned beef and cabbage, followed by copious amounts of flatulence.
Big sunday dinner even bigger because this is my son's last family dinner before bootcamp

Chicken Cordon Blue (Italiano: Prosciutto and Italian Cheeses)
Steamed Broccoli w/ sun dried tomatoes
Glazed carrots
Garlic Mashed potatoes w/gravy
Fresh Italian bread
Fresh raspberry shortcake with creme fresh
Cashew Chicken, thai spring rolls with jasmine rice and a cold beer.
I'm had a big ass bean burrito for dinner. One can of refired beans, two tortilla shells and a bunch of toppings.


damn dude, thats a lot of beans....... even for you.
It looked the same coming out as it did going in.


i had chicken tacos last night...... similar results.
The wife is bringing home a Papa Ginos x-large half sausage I am going to grab a hand full of chips and a cold PBR to go with it.
It is beutiful out today I am going to pop a turkey breast on the smoker

dinner is

Smoked Turkey
Collard Greens
Mac & Cheese
Biscuits and gravy
Here we go ...tonight is

Cashew Chicken (Spicy Thia Style)
Deep Fried Chicken Potstickers
Teriyaki Beef (Manderian Style On A Stick)
Jasmine Rice
Asian Salad with bean sprout and ginger dressing