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Full Version: What's for dinner
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(05-04-2015, 10:15 PM)misterwhizzy Wrote: [ -> ]Southern fried chicken, marinated in buttermilk for the last day, twice dredged and seasoned beautifully.  Came out great.

Damn straight.

That sounds fantastic.
Last night I made baked trout in foil, steamed Prince Edward blend and wild rice pilaf.
Brisket I smoked for 12 hours.

Dry consisting of: black pepper, paprika, salt, garlic, and onion. Simple and effective.

I used oak wood, with the bark removed. (Bark smoke can make a bitter flavor)
I thought a little bark gives it bite.

huge grin
Had biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. I was thinking about you southern TMR brothers. 

[Image: CFx7hg-VAAA24yy.jpg:large]
Where's the grits? huge grin
(05-24-2015, 02:57 PM)lreese Wrote: [ -> ]Where's the grits?  huge grin

I was thinking the same thing at breakfast. Why offer up biscuits and gravy and no grits. You can not find grits up north in restaurants.  
They do homefries up there which are great too , different area foods.
What you dont do home fires down south?
Not the same foods are grouped together normally designated by regional location , used to do homefries on the menu at my first corporate job and it was based out of North Carolina originally. They were for lunch only. Heck people don't call the exact same foods the same thing depending on where you live.More likely to get grits or hash browns around here at breakfast then homefries.