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Full Version: What's for dinner
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Tomorrow is my day off and there's two reasons I'm really stoked about it.

1. Guitar

I haven't had a real breakfast in like a week.
Baked trout in foil, boiled potatoes, steamed corn and green beans.
(05-25-2015, 07:55 PM)idsnowdog Wrote: [ -> ]Baked trout in foil, boiled potatoes, steamed corn and green beans.

Your big on the baked Trout.

Quote:05-14-2015, 08:53 AM

Last night I made baked trout in foil, steamed Prince Edward blend and wild rice pilaf.
simple chorizo/onion/tomato basmati pilaf cooked in vegetable broth accompanied by roasted chicken legs/quarters coated in a dry rub consisting of the following:

fresh ground:
black pepper
sea salt
dried chipotle
coriander seeds

dried green mango powder
kashmiri chilli powder
garlic powder
ginger powder

And a glaze consisting of:
Lime juice
lots of fresh ground pepper
garlic powder
cayenne powder
balsamic vinegar
wildflower honey

It was so good.
Sort of similar to jerk chicken, but with a distinct sour and citrus note punctuating the deep, bold spiciness.
Wagyu sirloin, it was fucking heaven. 

[Image: CGS4gzGW0AMJUkB.jpg:large]
Vietnamese chicken soup.

Tonight - homemade ramen.

Simmered and let the broth sit for a couple of days to infuse before using it.
Grits 'n eggs

Real grits, not that Quaker shit. ;)
Instant grits are disgusting.

Boiled with butter is how I like them.
Can't get grits in Canada so I'm gonna give someone some money to pick me some up the next time they travel stateside.
I just saw a place that ships - organic stone ground grits. Various types. Not sure what it would cost to ship to Canada.

With anything corn, I'd want organic (at least non-GMO) if i can find it.