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Full Version: What's for dinner
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(04-23-2016, 08:46 PM)lreese Wrote: [ -> ]Just finished the above - 3rd night in a row.  Still, damn good.

No way in hell I would take a long car ride with you. 
I thought I'd meet at your office tomorrow.

huge grin
BBQ Chicken, corn, mashed potatoes...
[Image: C0n57GvUkAAir1H.jpg:large]
Leftover ham from yesterday.

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Saturday I made Salmon and on Sunday we had Prime Rib. So I have been having sandwiches from the leftovers.
Having teriyaki tips today with a homemade marinade. 

[Image: C08l3uiXEAAQS2L.jpg:large]
Usually I have this over angel hair pasta and add a bit of white wine to the recipe. Seeing I am doing the low carb thing I am sticking to the chicken, asparagus, ham and garlic. 

[Image: C1rc3CmW8AApIvn.jpg:large]
Trying to hone the old cooking chops:

[Image: eggsinhellcollage1.jpg]

Ok - I had a can of crushed tomatoes that needed to be used.  Also some Basmati rice needing to nourish... Chicken Italian sausage from Whole Paycheck.
Back on the low carb bus, homemade Salsbury Steak and green beans. I wish I had some fucking mashed potatoes. 

[Image: C6mINCYW0AEm4W0.jpg:large]