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Full Version: Bose Soundlink Mini II
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A couple of months ago I replaced my PC Tower with a laptop.  I've been using Harmon Kardon speakers that I got with a custom built PC that I bought about 17 years ago.  They still work, but they are old and the laptop has not place to plug in the subwoofer.  I have limited desktop space with the 17" laptop and a 27" external monitor.  I had to lay down the speakers so that they would fit under the monitor.  Sound quality was affected because the speaker "towers" are rounded and would roll over.

I began looking at the  Soundlink Mini bluetooth speakers back in December.  I finally had the spare cash to get one.

It came with the charging station, USB cable, and a charger.

This device was a breeze to setup.  I've tested it with the laptop and with my phone.  It has a "10-hour" battery.  It's charging now.

It sounded better at home than at the store.  PLUS it fits underneath my external monitor.  Plenty of full-range, including bass, response.  Great sound quality.  Even better, Costco had it for $20 less than the cheapest price on Amazon.


[Image: 02-bose-soundlink-mini-ii-bluetooth-speaker.jpg]
I forgot to state the obvious, in case it was missed: I freed up the headphone out on the laptop. If necessary, I could charge it from a USB port. For now it is plugged into the surge protector I use for the computer.
I’ve found that pretty much everything I’ve ever owned, tried, or just drooled over from Bose has been completely top-notch. Those folks really know what they’re doing.
yeah, I picked up a pair of speakers from Sams Club a few years ago and added them to our home theater setup. They've been great.

However, I'm seriously considering changing to a soundbar in the near future and ditching the separate home theater amp and setup.