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Full Version: Games you are playing or excited for?
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I am currently working on a rerun of the Halo series and playing a little bit of GTA online. I am really looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fallout 76. Share your thoughts tell me what you are excited for or currently playing!

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The one that I really liked was "Force Unleashed" on the Wii.
Halo on the Wii would be cool.
I'm pretty curious about H1Z1, but I'm still not sure if we are getting it for Xbox yet. I suck at shooters as you know, but it looks like a good time killer.

Currently, I'm playing two different SNES RPGs. Secret Of Mana, and Secret Of Evermore. They are both pretty similar in game mechanics, but the stories are vastly different.

They were both a little ahead of their time, IMO. The option to play turn based or real time is nice, and skill and weapon progression rival FF7, to me. Boss fights are intense for being SNES era RPGs. 

I'm forced to play them on the Raspberry Pi, because I refuse to pay the asking price for the cartridges, but they feel and play just fine.

Both are in the SNES library we put on your Pi. Check them out if you get a chance. Start with Secret Of Mana. It's a little easier to navigate at first. Evermore is a little more hardcore.

I'm thinking my next endeavor will be trying that Dolphin emulator to play Pokemon Stadium, for Gamecube. It gets great reviews.


Halo would be interesting on the Wii. H1Z1 is one of those hit or miss games because if it plays out like the PS4 version its just going to be carmegedon at the end of every match. And, on top of that the circle doesn't do a lot of damage, it's loot system is similar to Fortnite from what I've seen as in different tier guns. So if you get shit drops good luck winning.

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Secret of Mana was a great game, same with Chrono Trigger.

Couldn't see Microsoft ever allowing Halo onto another platform though.