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Full Version: Beer Alert!!!!
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Many of you are no doubt familiar with the stylings of Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery.  They make a number of KILLER IPA's: The smooth and accessible 60 Minute, the bold and surly 90 Minute, and the very-manly 120 Minute, among others.

However - a few of you in-the-know are aware of a hybrid - not unlike the 59/Custom.  If you have been fortunate to ever be anywhere that they have the 60 and the 90 on tap, you get a half & half, AKA the Dogfish Head "75" (60+90)/2 = 75.  

It is an IPA of the highest caliber.  All of the smoothness of the 60, with the power of the 90, yet bolder than the 60 with none of the harsher bite of the 90.  A truly refined styling!

Well, much to my surprise on a Holiday brew run, I saw this in my Total Wine:

[Image: 75minute-stiles-packaging-12_crop.jpg?itok=eITnrcEP]
Anybody tried one of these?
Extra Special Bitter. I think that it's the "Goldilocks" of beer.
[Image: FVKiLlCJYwyUvLshiNkmmh6XnrZhEsvr4QLUyLhJ...authuser=0]
Can't see the picture but if it is what I think it is I love ESB
(05-24-2021, 08:00 AM)Securb Wrote: [ -> ]Can't see the picture but if it is what I think it is I love ESB

Odd, I can see the photo just fine.
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