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Full Version: Talk Like a Pirate Day Sept. 19
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Arrr, here be your chance to let out your inner Pirate!

International Talk Like a Pirate Day

How to act like a pirate

How to talk like a pirate

Release the pirate within!

YouTube: Cap'n Slappy and Chumbucket: The Five A's

YouTube: How to Talk Like a Pirate (office version)

In honour of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, I be changin me avatar to the portrait of Anne Bonney, famous lady pirate.

[Image: anne_bonny_color_72.jpg]


did she always fight with her teets out?

yo ho ho yarg and all the good stuff
Of course, all us lady pirates fights with our bouncin' bezooms as bare as a babe's behind, and I'll tell ye why me good man, it distracts the men pirates and puts them at a distinct disadvantage. Whilst they be admirin' our assets, we are aimin' at theirs!

Here's a picture of one of me crew, Ruthless Ruth....she takes no prisoners.

[Image: lady-pirate.jpg]


i wonder if those pirate wenches had herpes?
3dR3 Wrote:i wonder if those pirate wenches had herpes?

They probably had all sorts of things. Without antibiotics, the treatments for venereal diseases were worse than the disease itself.

Interestingly enough, Anne Bonney and her friend Mary Read - both shipmates of the infamous Calico Jack Rackham - escaped the gallows because they were pregnant. Jack was not so lucky. He was hanged, and his head was displayed on a pike as a warning to others.


that is interesting..... you seem to have quite a bit of knowledge on this subject

something tells me crabs were probably rampant then too