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Full Version: The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Thread
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It was a good, not great episode. They only played one, instead of the usual two.

I don't know what that animated show was, they did that instead of the second episode. I was listening to it while doing other things, it didn't leave much of an impression on me. I recognized the one guy's voice from Home Movies and Dr. Katz.


i thought the animated show had promise..... i didn't quite get it though... missed the first 10 minutes
Tonight's "Road Trip" episode was full of chuckles.


missed it.....

damn house work
Speng Wrote:Tonight's "Road Trip" episode was full of chuckles.

The jar of piss was hilarious
Securb Wrote:The jar of piss was hilarious

That was my favorite part. I also liked Dee telling the young guy he's going to end up doing gay porn.


this show gets much funnier after some beer.
Milk steak and raw jellybeans, that's some crazy shit

"I'm a full on rapist. You know. Africans, dyslexics, children, that sort of thing"
The part was a scream especially the picture.


i'm behind again.

if my house stops breaking i'll be able to watch tv sometime this year...
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