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Full Version: Looking for an opinion
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I know I may be stepping into a pile of shit here, but I'm looking for some opinions.

I run a baseball pool where you pick 12 pitchers and 12 batters at the beginning of the season. You keep the same players all year and get 1 point for each win from your pitchers and one point for each HR from your hitters. Only your top 10 player's points in each category count. In other words, you're 2 low guys in each category don't count against you.

Now, the baseball season ended on Sunday, for most of the teams. The White Sox and Tigers played on Monday in a make-up game that was rained out several weeks ago. I felt that this game should count in my pool because it was actually still part of the regular season.

Chicago won and went on to play a tie-breaker game on Tuesday against Minnesota to determine who goes go the playoffs.

I felt that this game should also count in my pool, even though it was outside of the regular season, since the actual statistics from the game counted toward the regular season. For example, Jim Thome hit a HR, and it was counted as his 34th HR and 90th RBI of the season. Likewise, Chicago White Sox reliever Bobby Jenks got the save for his 30th of the season.

Here's the rub: In the pool, going into yesterday's game I was tied for 3rd place in the Hitter's category (winnings for tie - 12.50). I was one point out of tying for 2nd place (winnings for tie - 31.25). Of 16 players in the pool, I'm the only one who had one of my hitters on either the White Sox or the Twins. If my player, Nick Swisher, hit a HR, it would have moved me from a 3rd place tie to a 2nd place tie.

Several people in the pool believe that I made the decision because it gave me a distinct advantage to be put in a better position. I say that I made the decision based solely on the fact that the stats counted for the MLB and should for us as well.

I have been running this pool for several years now and have never had any kind of problem. Looking for thoughts from some people who have no stake in the argument.
The stats all count as 2008 stats for the players, the regular season standings show 163 games for the Sox and Twins... the game should count in your pool.

I would suggest clarifying this beforehand in future pools though.


cry babies ruin everything...

It would seem that you used logic.... most people don't use it.
Did anybody make noise about the Cubs and Astros only playing 161 games?
All of the fantasy baseball guys in my office say it counts on their online leagues.
What is baseball?
Chocklit Wrote:What is baseball?

Something they play in Toronto.
If it counts for their official 2008 stats, then fuck 'em, it counts for your pool too.
Thank you all very much. I appreciate all of your opinions, and not just because they're in line with mine.