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Full Version: The Fart Thread
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We did have a fart thread in the old forums. I had the Stone Brewing 08.08.08 last night it is really hoppy. I was sleep farting so bad that the wife got up and slept in the guest room.
Give her the Dutch oven?
I slept through the entire assault, but she never sleeps with her head under the covers so I guess not. I doesnt matter with my farts the whole room turns into a dutch oven.
My dog was dropping some serious ass this morning. She kept looking at me like, "wasn't me, must have been the cat."

I took her outside and I could hear her juicy shits from across the yard. Looked like yellow soft serve, even had the little swirly twist on the top.


Anyone ever farted so loud they've woken themselves up?

I'm glad that doesn't scare the shit out of me... I've dropped some bombs in my sleep.

The best part about having a dog and a 1 year old is I'm now 3rd on the list when there is a foul oder... "Is that you or him?" must be him...
My parents had a poodle as I was growing up, it had a severe aversion to farting. She'd be on your lap, in a deep sleep snoring, you'd rip one and she'd fly off the lap. Even when she was 18 years old with a plastic hip she'd still bolt immediately...I'm laughing just thinking about that dog.
When Ginger was a pup I ripped a couple of good ones at her. Now if she is on the sofa and I want her to get off of it I can point my ass at her and she gets up and walks away.
I've got a two year old who seems to have great control because he always waits until I get the diaper off to let one fly. Wouldn't want anything to filter the aroma.
I almost offed my dog one night.Let one loose while he was apparently sleeping with his nose practically up my ass. He jumped out of bed and started wretching and hacking like he was about to let loose of one of the biggest hairballs on history.

Frigging Thai food, nothing ever changes.

Of course, as Bruce has said, he is a cool pup:

[Image: l_4a98a29862804be696a806ebdd984b06.jpg]
Here's my dog:

[Image: PICT0133.jpg]

Here's the portal to Hell:

[Image: PICT0135.jpg]
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