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Full Version: NVidia's Upcoming Tegra "Computer on a Chip"
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I can't believe that news of NVidia's upcoming Tegra "computer on a chip" isn't getting more publicity in the news and magazines. It's an iPhone KILLER. I'm psyched about the upcoming smartphones and mobile devices (netbooks, mobile internet devices, portable media players, mp3 players, etc.) that are going to have this tech. I truly think that it's going to revolutionize the genre.
There are three versions of "Tegra" the Tegra APX 2500, the Tegra 600 and the Tegra 650.
The APX 2500 is for smart phones, both the Tegra 600 & 650 are for PMP's and netbooks. NVidia claims that these chips use less than a watt of power while in full use and will have a battery life allowing 100+ hours of audio playback and 10+ hours of HD video playback. They claim that the chip has MORE media playing power than a laptop at 1/10th the wattage. The 600 has a 700Mhz multicore CPU w/ 166MHz RAM and is 720p HD capable while the 650 has an 800MHz multicore CPU w/ 200MHz RAM and is 1080p HD capable. The 600 & 650's can also support up to a 12 megapixel camera sensor which sounds exciting.

I was hoping that the new Archos 7 was powered by this but it's not. It looks like it has a similar but not as powerful chip. I'm still trying to find news/reports of products that will use this tech. You guys have got to check out these links!
First i've read of it myself.
Even has an HDMI output. Cool.