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Full Version: Archos Internet Tablets
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I've been drooling over these things for the past three years. I've followed the series of Archos Personal Media Players and they keep getting better and better. This latest generation has better faster wireless internet capabilities and is up to 160GB or 320GB sizes. The 7 series has a 7" touchscreen with razorsharp 800x480 dvd quality resolution. I want one of these so bad but I want to wait and see what sort of devices sprout up using that NVidia Tegra that I posted earlier.
It looks pretty impressive, all right. Who doesn't need to carry 2.5 million photos with them?

Is this device made in a foreign country? The reason I ask is, the ad text is rather convoluted. Ex:

The great thing with a multimedia player is that wherever you go, you got your digital life with you. Or so you’re told. In reality, most products have a storage capacity that does not let you keep with you everything at all time. Or you can use an external hard disk drive, usually as a backup drive, and store everything on it. What you hardly do with this is listen to your music or watch a video in the bus, the train, or in a plane...

Now having the possibility to listen and watch is one thing, but getting those files is another one. It’s not because you’re buying your portable device that you should be stuck with one content provider only, without any chance to get movies or music from some place else.

I don't know what the track record is with these tablets, but the FAQ pages seem excessively concerned with problems - most of which seem to involve the word "corrupted".
Yes, it's a French company.
I love the docking bay I could rock that thing. I would love to get the helmet cam for beer reviews that would be cool to post them to the site.