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Full Version: Sony DCR-SR45
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I just picked up this baby for the Bud Light Cruise

DCR-SR45 30GB Handycam® Camcorder

The built-in convenience of a 30GB hard disk drive for up to 20 hours of video (LP).

Series highlights: Hybrid recording, built-in zoom mic, Quick On button 40x optical zoom / 2000x digital zoom, 2.7" touch panel

[Image: sony-sr45.jpg]
Looks like a pretty nice one. I have never owned a camcorder in my life. I definitely need to get one. Looks like that one has all the bells and whistles.
I suggest picking up a wide angle lens.

You'll see why when you go to make your first home porn on it.
If I even suggested it my wife would kill me
Securb Wrote:If I even suggested it my wife would kill me

Why? Zoom lenses don't cost that much..
3dR3 Wrote:Why? Zoom lenses don't cost that much..

This thing has a killer zoom on it already, the day I brought it home the wife laid down the law and some very simple rules.
got a tv in the bedroom?

hook it up and point it over @ the bed.

halfway through, turn on the tv.

let me know how sleeping on the couch works out for you :lol: