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Full Version: Reese Sasha Bennett
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Had to make this announcement. My second daughter Reese Sasha Bennett entered this world on November 12, at 12:08pm weighing in at 5lbs 13oz and 19.5in long. Now what beer should I crack for this joyous occassion?

This is def a cellar occasion. :)

Cograts! I just opened a Hop Wallop in your honor.
Congrats man. I would go with Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout because you can cellar some from this year’s vintage for special events and it will come out every year around your kid’s birthday so you can celebrate every year with a fresh bottle. You kid will start to wonder why she gets a chocolate cake every year for her birthday once she gets older.
Awesome! Good work Frank. Congratulations!
Congrats Frank, any pics of the little one yet?
Speng Wrote:Congrats Frank, any pics of the little one yet?

I will post a couple up soon.
Thanks everyone, Reese and mommy are doing great should be going home today, can't wait to get out of the hospital.


congrats dude..

say goodbye to sleep
Congrats to you both, that's fantastic news Frank!
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