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Full Version: You're f'ing kidding me right?
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Securb Wrote:I forgot Canadian musical standards are much higher Loverboy, Aldo Nova, Chilliwack.....Nickleback.

You forgot my all-time favourites
Securb Wrote:I was Born in Boston, My Dad was Born in Boston, My Granddad born in Boston......enough said. Vancover! I was screwing with you knowing you would bring it up at a time like this

My condolences. I guess if you can't be born in Vancouver (like moi) that Boston is as good a second choice as any. ;)
bdog1221 Wrote:I can't belive you didn't mention Canadian handbell ringer Joe Defries.

There have been Joe sightings

[Image: str21-copy.jpg]
Chocklit Wrote:Joe has taken it up the sudoku.

Is sudoku Japanese for asshole? :confused:
Securb Wrote:Is sudoku Japanese for asshole? :confused:

It is now
My sudoku itches.
[Image: wizardofoz1.jpg]
a brain.[Image: Joe-kstersDesk.jpg]
Prog Wrote:My sudoku itches.

You need to wipe better ask Chocklit for one of her old newspaper columns that should do it.
Lucky for you I have several hundred copies kicking around!