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Full Version: You're f'ing kidding me right?
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Looks a little like Prog but with nicer legs.

[Image: 100_0836.jpg]
Prog Wrote:BULLSHIT!

I dont get it bullshit he looks a little like you or that he has nicer legs?
I don't have that much hair on my chest and my knee high boots are black.
HONG KONG—An American woman convicted in Hong Kong of killing her banker husband by serving him a laced milkshake and then bashing him on the head won approval Tuesday to move ahead with her appeal......

..........Kissel said her husband, a 40-year-old investment banker for Merrill Lynch, was an erratic whiskey-swilling workaholic who also snorted cocaine and forced her to have painful anal sex. She testified that she killed him in self defense as he was threatening her with a baseball bat in a quarrel.


you'd figure she's be smart enough to pay some one else?

way to go greedy bitch!
The parents of a girl who died suddenly two months ago have been sent a letter from her school demanding she improves her attendance.

Signed by the deputy headmaster, the letter threatened to ban Megan Gillan from the end of year prom.


beat that one........

[Image: 80586379.jpg]
You'd think she'd feel a draft with her babymaker exposed.


i thought she'd look at her pics before posting them.... oops.