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Full Version: Sean Avery Suspension - True Injustice
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The guys job is to agitate opponents and this was nothing but hillarious. Bettman and Hicks need to loosen up. The players can handle their own discipline.
When did hockey players become such pussies?
The story seems to be that Avery was told by the Stars not to talk to the media in Calgary. So, they're more pissed about that then what he said.

And, I'll take this sloppy second any day.

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I can see the team suspending him for running his mouth when they told him not to talk to the press but the league has no right to tell a player what they can and cant say this sets a dangerous president especially since what he said had nothing to do with Hockey or the league. Granted what he said was tasteless but the commissioner has no jurors diction over a player's mouth off the ice.