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Full Version: The Brett Favre Thread
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Hooch Wrote:Good, Tavaris gives them a better shot to win tonight

or not
Favre to Peppers: “Beat the Packers”

Though it may not have the same effect as Adrian’s post-coma, one-word plea to Rocky, former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre had a message for current Bears defensive end Julius Peppers on Monday night.

Beat the Packers.

“I talked to him after the game,” Peppers tells Michael Wilbon of (via Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune). “I told him it was an honor to play against him. He said, ‘Likewise. . . . Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.’”

And so we have obtained another glimpse into the character of Brett Favre. At a time when his current team has just been embarrassed on national television, when his disappointing final (maybe) season is ending, when he’s walking off the field for the last time (perhaps), he’s worried about the Packers for nudging him into his First Annual Retirement nearly three years ago.

Remember when Jay Glazer of FOX reported that Favre helped the Lions and Matt Millen plan for the Packers in 2008? The report widely was denied.

We believed it then, and we believe it even more in light of Favre’s comments to Peppers.
The Pack should give his number away, he'd love that.

Hey Speng, in case Favre plays Sunday night, what sign would you like me to hit him with?

...and by "sign" I mean what cell battery
Hooch Wrote:...and by "sign" I mean what cell battery

I know Speng would like you to hit him with a car battery. But I am guessing a D cell will have to do.
A car battery would be great but I'd be happy if you chucked a D cell at his head. A 9 volt would also be cool, the edges would hurt.
Looks like you guys got beautiful weather to enjoy the game in Philly.

[Image: humor-adult-gifs2.gif]
Securb Wrote:Looks like you guys got beautiful weather to enjoy the game in Philly.

Yeah, this is a disaster waiting to happen.
It sounds like they are considering postponing the game.
What's the weather like, snowy as shit?
Speng Wrote:What's the weather like, snowy as shit?

absolutely nothing right now, but it is pre-storm panic. They are calling for a thunder snowstorm with high winds. Philly already declared a snow emergency starting at 2 and there is nothing on the ground yet.

If they hadn't flexed the game it could probably be played and finished before the damage is doe.
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