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Full Version: The Brett Favre Thread
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Retired quarterback Brett Favre[Image: mag-glass_10x10.gif] might be joining the Browns.
But not to play. (We think.)

Coach Eric Mangini has invited Favre to serve as a guest instructor at training camp, where he would help Derek Anderson[Image: mag-glass_10x10.gif] and Brady Quinn learn the offense that Favre learned on the fly last year.

“I don’t think it would be anything formal,” Mangini told the New York Daily News (via by way of, with a left turn at Albuquerque). “It’s not like we are hiring him to run the scout team. I don’t think he would be interested in that. He would be more like a visitor. An open invite.”
So, how do you think Brett will look in his Browns jersey?
Report: Favre to meet with Vikings coach Childress

Quote:MINNEAPOLIS (AP)—Just when Brett Favre looked to finally be out, the Minnesota Vikings could be pulling him back in.

Citing an anonymous source “with direct knowledge of the discussions between the two parties,” ESPN reported Tuesday that Favre is scheduled to meet with Vikings coach Brad Childress later this week about a possible comeback with Minnesota.

Favre’s agent, Bus Cook, did not immediately return a phone call to his Mississippi office left by The Associated Press.

Childress did not immediately return a message. A Vikings spokesman declined to comment on the report.

Both Favre and Cook have said this spring that Favre intends to stay retired. But Favre’s statement after he was released by the New York Jets last week left the door open.

“At this time, I am retired and have no intention of returning to football,” he said.

Those three little words—“At this time”—set off rampant speculation that he was indeed considering a second return to action.

So what would the reaction be when he takes in the field in Lambeau... in purple.
Hooch Wrote:So what would the reaction be when he takes in the field in Lambeau... in purple.

I think he'll be shocked at the amount of booing, he made some comments that really turned even his diehard fans against him. He changed the perception of him being a team player and caring about the fans to just a self centered diva looking to get revenge.

He could have gone down as one of the most beloved players ever but became a little bitch. He should just stay retired, he'll have another season where he falls apart and humilites himself once again.
Speng good to see you're ok I thought this announcement would have made your head explode.
Securb Wrote:I thought this announcement would have made your head explode.

That'll happen when he officially unretires, again.


[Image: brett-favre_wrangler.jpg]
Speng Wrote:That'll happen when he officially unretires, again.

Citing a source close to the situation, ESPN's Jeremy Schaap reported Friday that X-rays of Favre's right shoulder were sent to the Vikings and were being evaluated. If it is determined Favre needs anything less than major surgery to repair issues related to his biceps tendon, Favre will unretire and sign with the Vikings.

Yes, apparently, just like that.
But if major surgery is required, Favre will remain retired.


does he want to play for every NFL team before hanging it up or what?
"Vikings president and co-owner Mark Wilf confirmed the team's interest in Brett Favre but insisted that their evaluation of the future Hall of Fame quarterback was a part of their protocol. "Certainly a player of Brett Favre's (credentials), a Hall of Fame quarterback, with the competitive he has, that is a player that we would have interest as we would have other players," Wilf said. "But, again, its process of evaluation and a variety of factors that go into it and that has to play itself out and I defer to our coach and our personnel people to really evaluate those issues
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