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Full Version: The Brett Favre Thread
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Wisconsin store's shirts poke fun at 'Brent' Favre'-Favre

Are you a Packers' fan angry at Brett Favre? Do you need to let people know the pain he has caused you?

Packers fans have found a way to express their anger at Brett Favre. ( / Getty Images)

Instead of wasting your breath over brats and beer in Green Bay, just say it with a shirt.

A clothing store in Madison, Wisc., is now selling Packer yellow-and-green shirts with Brett Favre's mug on it, saying "We'll never forget you Brent."

And no, Brent is not a typo.

With talk that Favre could be headed to the Packers' bitter rival in Minnesota, Sconnie Nation clothing shop is capitalizing on fans' increasing rage.

"Now people are really mad with him," store manager Isaac Lenz told the Wisconsin State Journal.

And there seems to be quite a few fans out there who need to express that anger — the store has already sold hundreds of the Brent shirts in the past two weeks.

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That's just a technicality. The bitch is playing for the Vikings this season.
It's rumored he just bought a house in Eden Prarie, MN.
I can't wait for that game in Green Bay
I think when Bledsoe went to the Bills, The Patriots fans handled it a lot classier.
From Wikipedia: reported on June 21, 2009 that according to sources, Favre is already under contract with the Vikings but awaiting an official team announcement.[81] However, the team and coach have denied these reports. It is now reported that Favre will be at Vikings training camp in Mankato at the end of July barring a setback. It has also been reported that Favre has agreed to a contract that is heavy on incentives and the Vikings have ordered #4 jerseys with Favre's name on the back.
Hooch Wrote:I can't wait for that game in Green Bay

It will be the most watch game in the history of football
I stopped at Half Price Books just now and in the back, in the heavily clearance section, they had like forty copies of some hardcovered book named "Favre". It was originally over $40, now $5. I was laughing, everyone must have just dumped their copies.

It'll probably be $1 next time I go there.


"I can't let go"

The Brett Farve retirement story.
I have to come up with a Favre shirt, maybe a picture of him that says "Douche" or "Dick"

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