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Full Version: The Brett Favre Thread
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Flip Flop Favre couldn't take Vick getting all the headlines. roll eyes

I can't say it's unexpected, nothing he says is worth anything. He says it not for revenge, but can anyone honestly believe anything he says?

They had a clip of Nick Barnett looking very sternly into the camera saying, "I'm going to hit you Brett". Chrales Woodson also has a quip about the Viking wanting to take a diva to the playoffs. The media here is going apeshit, most of it is mocking him.
Some memorable quotes:

....I evoke Chongquing because, on this glorious Tuesday afternoon, Brett Favre has officially tossed his legacy down the toilet.

A dark moment, it is.

For the low, low price of a reported $12 million, Favre has officially -- and irrevocably -- morphed his reputation, going from greatest quarterback of all time to craziest sports egomaniac we've ever seen -- and that includes Michael Jordan, Will Clark, Wilt Chamberlain, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds.


And so it is for Favre. On the day he officially dons that purple jersey, he is no longer a Green Bay Packer; no longer a man who saved the city's gridiron fortunes and made people forget Lynn Dickey and Randy Wright and David Whitehurst and Don Majkowski.

No, from this point on Brett Favre is just another egomaniacal jock with an unhealthy need for the spotlight.

He's just another quarterback.

Childress has looked like a desperate man throughout this melodrama. He made it known internally that Favre had to do at least some work in the offseason program or the veteran mini-camp to be considered. Favre never showed. Then he had to come by the start of camp. Favre didn't come, opting for his third false retirement in 17 months. Now the Vikings let him come back after the team has gone through training camp. Favre's the wishy-washiest player in memory -- and the Vikings are his enablers. It's ridiculous.

I don't know if there has ever been a more dramatic hero-to-villain transformation than the one Favre might experience this year in the upper Midwest. Can you imagine the emotional crescendo accompanying the ultimate moment of truth, when Favre takes the field at Lambeau for the first time in Vikings horns, in Week 8, on Sunday, Nov. 1? What will that look and sound like?

Time will indeed heal some of today's Favre-inflicted wounds in Packer-dom. But for this year at least, Green Bay loyalists will have to come face to face with the once unthinkable: Favre, their longtime hero, has cast his lot with the enemy. It was the worst-case scenario that Green Bay's front office fought furiously last year. But it's now reality. This isn't the curiosity the Jets represented. This is the Vikings. This is the nadir.
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well, that's 1 guaranteed flex game.
2 years 25 million, that buys a lot of tampons
Hooch Wrote:Hilarious

well, that's 1 guaranteed flex game.

There is no 8:30 game scheduled for NBC on Sunday night Nov. 1. Does it mean John Madden will come out of retirement for 1 more game?
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I just heard on the news Brett Farve retired
I just heard on the news Brett Farve retired
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