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Full Version: That's gonna leave a mark
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Check out the human clown car.

[Image: article-1142566-037E2712000005DC-944_468x646.jpg]


yeah, i just saw that....

motherhood is beautiful yadda yadda but thats still fucking gross
don't get me started on this piece of work.


what, no baby daddy

welfare? food stamps?

is she even here legally?

so many things to piss me off but I think the most piss me off thing is that she'll end up with a book deal, a tv show, a girly tissue movie, or all of those and probably have a nice life after all this..

and i'll still be me. good for her kids... i guess.
Fuck that life none of those kids cant even j-walk for the rest of thier life without ending up on TMZ or Perez Hilton


should we start a pool on who gets the first felony?
I think she should be the first contestant on Dr. Fill
Securb Wrote:I think she should be the first contestant on Dr. Fill

That would be setting the bar really high, you could probably roll a bowling ball in there with ease.
3dR3 Wrote:welfare? food stamps?

Yes and yes. Her parents are watching the original six kids, three adults and six kids in a three bedroom house. The mother is getting disability along with welfare and all the other assistance available.

They estimate the hospital bill will cost 1.3 million dollars for that litter of kids. Then people wonder why California is bankrupt.
The doctor should have to pick up some or all of that tab. I read she was denied by one or two doctors before she finally found that sucker.
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