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Why, I'm so tough and badass that I pulled my own tooth last night. And I don't mean some barely hanging by a thread loose tooth. I mean a 2 hour, blood, sweat and tears channel-lock pliers kinda tooth. One of my lower big chewing teeth cracked about four or five months ago and I kept living with it. Every so often when I bit down on something tough like steak I'd pack some meat down into a hole between my tooth and gum and get an absess which would swell up and hurt. I'd take pain killers for a week and it would go away but then it would happen again a month later. So it happened again last night during dinner and I finally grabbed a pair of locking vise grip pliers and spent almost two hours in the bathroom wrestling with it. There was actually a lot more blood in the sink than in the pictures but I never got a shot of it all. Believe me, it was one of the hardest, most painful and yes, maybe even stupid things I've ever done. Check it out...

[Image: Tooth009.jpg?t=1234878173]

[Image: Tooth010.jpg?t=1234878198]

[Image: Tooth005.jpg?t=1234878231]

[Image: Tooth006.jpg?t=1234878260]

[Image: Tooth007.jpg?t=1234878290]

[Image: Tooth004.jpg?t=1234878317]

[Image: Tooth002.jpg?t=1234878344]
This is a merger of the "You're F'n Kidding me" and "Holy Fucking Shit" threads.

Afraid of dentists?
Dentists are faggots and I'm not gonna let a faggot stick his tool in my mouth. No, honestly I just think that I can do a better job than they can. Same way with Doctors. I'm sure that there are some truly brilliant doctors out there but I have yet to meet one.


Dude, get yourself a real set of channel locks or vise grips... Those robogrips from craftsman suck....

I used to fix my own braces back in the day with some diagonal cutters..... the orthodontist didn't like it
in that last pic it looks like an alien is coming out of your tooth.
That is fuckin insane! Beyond the string and the doorknob
Holy shit! That makes my mouth hurt just thinking about it.
To answer the original question, yeah, that is pretty damn tough and badass. There are other adjectives to describe it as well, but we'll leave it at those two.

Honestly, I never thought I'd see a thread like this here. To quote you, Perv, Holy Fucking Shitballs.
Let us know when you post the pics from your self conducted kidney transplant. Now that would make for some interesting pics.


.........well, the dude did hide in jungles and kill a bunch of shit.

that in itself is badass
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