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Full Version: The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS*
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That's it you got it
The book is pretty good, I'd suggest it to anyone who digs the show.
After eighteen months...the new season starts this Tuesday, April 7th. I read they're going to show the entire season without any breaks, 22 straight weeks of Rescue Me goodness.

I'm psyched because this'll be the first season I can watch as it airs. I never finished watching the previous season's DVD before the new season started.
I saw the commercial last night I almost cheered.
This season is supposed to move away a bit from Tommy's insane family and focus more on the other characters.

As much as I love his family (makes mine look almost normal :lol:), it will be cool to see more of the others' lives
Gator Wrote:makes mine look almost normal :lol:

Dude I am selling your story to FX
I think you'd make some money...I want a piece of the royalties
I just read in an interview with John Scurto (Lou) that the show was picked up for Season 6 (18 shows) but he thought that would be the end of it.
I got my popcorn ready
I'm just killing time..thirty five minutes to go.
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