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Full Version: The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS*
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Not a bad start for Season 5.

I really didn't like the first fire scene, at least not unitl the fireworks started going off, then it was funny as hell and set the tone for the rest of the show.

Michael J. Fox is great as a sarcastic asshole. Never saw him in that role before.

Loved the "one ball or one eye" conversation. Great stuff. I'll keep both of my eyes thank you. You can still do whatever you need to with one nut.
Pretty good episode with some good lines, "No, Tommy is staring at your tits" and the whole pantry shitting exchange.

The previews for the upcoming season look awesome.
Speng Wrote:"No, Tommy is staring at your tits"

I really have to try that sometime.
I chuckled about the Brett Favre line...that fucker is just haunting me.
Cock farts :lol:
Great episode last night the black bar and masseuse stuff was hilarious
I also like Garrity eavesdropping and the car talk.
Been a couple of months since we've posted in this thread, but I have to say, this show is 100x better than it was last season, and it was great last season.

Everything seems way ramped up, the humor, the emotion, the drama, all of it. Bringing back the 9-11 component and the drinking at the same time was brilliant. Leary and Tolan both deserve Emmys this season. Especially for the scene in the bar with Tommy, his father, his brother, and his cousin. If that wasn't award-worthy, I'd like to see what is.

And I'm two shows behind, so don't fuck it up for me.
It's much more interesting with Tommy drinking again, seeing all the ghosts and that shit. I hope they've finally dropped the Franco 9/11 conspiracy storyline, that was old when it started.
I agree. Even though it's only just started (for me, anyway), the boxing storyline is far more interesting, and funny
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