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Full Version: Beat the House 2009
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My cousin started out 9-0 on pics in our weekly pool. He's at 13-2 right now. I'm going to start letting him pick in Beat the House for me.
leaderboard is updated
You picked the Dolphins brave man.


ew, change the pic, or put a douche over his face....
the leaderboard has been updated.

For the first time in Beat the House history, a member picked all 16 games correctly. Congrats to C_hawkfan, a longtime participant and a name you usually see in the top 5 each year. I'll be in touch.
Way to fire C_hawkfan!
That's pretty cool someone got them all, congrats!
Good job C_hawkfan on a tough week
Way to go C_Hawkfan!! :cool: I didn't think it was ever going to happen. :o
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