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Full Version: Beat the House 2009
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bdog1221 Wrote:I will from now on also be calling it a taint

It's a perfect word for it, since you can't go around calling it a MAJOR FUCKUP
Hooch Wrote:who was the league ballbag in week 4?

Securb Wrote:Romo

He could be up there quite a bit this year, maybe next week.

Week 5 is up. Go easy on us C_hawkfan.
House clinched a tie. It wins with a Miami win on MNF


C_hawkfan is unstoppable...
Just got a call from the wifey saying we won her office pool with only 2 wrong. I said someone made a mistake because I got 3 wrong. She then informed me she did her own pool and thats what won. I think we have a new "House".


way to go mamma hooch
Shit, you almost won my pool too. Came down to points. you just guessed too low.
Where's week 6's picks?
Ransack Wrote:Where's week 6's picks?

Right here

If the contest is closed private message me your picks
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