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Full Version: Moron of the week
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I give up trying to understand people on Craigslist. I know it's part of the process, haggling, but don't cut my price in half and get shitty when I don't accept the offer.

To all people on Craigslist: I've said it before, but don't email me with your phone number and expect me to call. There's a reason I don't include my phone number in the post. I'd rather bounce a few emails back and forth before I give you my number and my address.
Stories like this scare me off of Craigslist and Kijiji.

Here's my only story of dealing with selling stuff this way:

Several months ago we sold off the winter tires from our old car.
Just the tires, no rims.
I paid about $720 Cdn for the tires (Michelin XIce2's) and only put a season and a half on them.
We were asking $320 but agreed to $260 to get rid of them.
We met, got the money and gave him all the info on where to pick the tires up, (we had them stored and made sure all was clear from him to go get them).

A week after we sold them I get a call from the guy asking some odd questions about the rims they were on, the condition of the tires and do I think he needs to return the rims he bought and just use the ones on the tires.

I was a little confused since the ones we sold didn't have rims and we had sent him a number of pics showing the tire condition from every angle and the tread depth.

I phoned him back and told him all that, reminded him of the pics and said that he should probably call the company where we had them stored to make sure he got the right tires.

A week later I get a call from the company we had stored the tires with, (where we had bought them and had our tires changed) asking me if I was coming to pick up my tires.

Now I was really confused.
Not only had I sold them but the guy had told me that he had picked them up and installed them on his car.
When I called the company back and they told me the tires were still there.

I finally put it all together and realized that when this guy had gone to pick the tires up he had been given the wrong tires.
I told the person on the phone what seemed to have happened and suggested that they might want to get ahold of the guy before someone turned up looking for their tires.
I also left a message for the guy explaining what had happened and suggested that he may want to call the company if he wanted the tires he had actually bought.

I left it at that and walked away from the whole affair.
If he wanted free rims on older tires to save money and the company wanted to hand out the wrong tires I figured that was all their problem, and I had done my part to resolve the whole situation.

My first, and so far last time selling stuff that way.

My wife has been buying and selling her text books that way in the past couple years.
Wow, just wow at some of the dingbats out there.
That's a Hell of a story. I haven't really had too many weird encounters.

I'm still surprised by the number of females that let a guy into their place without any thought. I've gone to a few places and the women let me in with no issues. I guess I mustn't give off the serial killer vibe.
Ha, no kidding.

Some girl showed up here a few months ago to buy one of my wife's textbooks.
My wife wasn't home so I told the girl that I would be right back with the book.
The cat tried to get out the door and she grabs it, hops inside the door and closes it after her.

I'm thinking 'You haven't watched many movies have you?'

She was fat and said the word 'like' every so many syllables, I did the exchange and pushed her back out to graze as fast as I could.
Whenever I have someone coming to buy stuff I'm always waiting outside. In the email I tell them not to come to the door because the dog might be out in the yard and I can't tell what the dog will do if someone knocks.

I fail to mention that the dog weights less then fifteen pounds and she's very submissive.
" She was fat and said the word 'like' every so many syllables, I did the exchange and pushed her back out to graze as fast as I could. "

Hahahaha! !!!!
(05-31-2014, 01:33 PM)johnjohn Wrote: [ -> ]She was fat and said the word 'like' every so many syllables, I did the exchange and pushed her back out to graze as fast as I could.

Isn't the fat ones that we are looking for?

[Image: attachment.php?aid=180]
More Craiglist idiots, if I list something and put "please make an offer", that means I don't have an asking price. Don't email me asking how much it is.

I have a bunch of shit that I honestly have no idea what it's worth.