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Full Version: Moron of the week
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what an asshole.

my neighbor is Military, he mentioned it's illegal to get rid of old uniforms with US Army on them.. he gave me a bunch and instructed me on what to do...
Just put that kid in an Army barrack for a day, let the soldiers "talk" to him.
I love the fact he is getting ready to cry.
I say they send him to Guantanamo
You guys are mean. Poor kid.
Chocklit Wrote:You guys are mean. Poor kid.


This asshole deserves to be clubbed to death by some Iraq vets artificial leg and you have the audacity to say poor kid!
Chocklit Wrote:Poor kid.

Holy shit, you never cease to amaze me with your comments.
Chocklit Wrote:You guys are mean. Poor kid.

.......and that's it...I'm done.....I'm out! :mad:
Chocklit Wrote:You guys are mean. Poor kid.

Tell that to my friend Tyler

Cpl. Tyler Trovillion
Just to look at the boy I'd say he couldn't even imitate a SERGEANTin the Girl Scouts of America. Hope he didn't hear me say that. He might travel over here to TRY to prove me wrong. I mean to steal a car and act lie he was in Special Forces. I hope he will be able to grow up.