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Full Version: Moron of the week
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Cork boy burned while sniffing petrol

Monday, 28 April 2008

A 13-year-old Cork boy who received serious burns while sniffing petrol has been transferred to the special burns unit at Our Lady's Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin, Dublin.

The boy burned 42% of his body.

The boy was on waste ground on Mount St Joseph's Avenue in Gurranabraher with a number of other young people when the incident happened at around 9pm yesterday evening.

AdvertisementIt is understood they were sniffing petrol from plastic bottles and using cigarette lighters to heat the liquid to make it vaporise more quickly, when some of the petrol caught fire and exploded on his chest and stomach.

Neighbours and gardaÃ* who were called to the scene extinguished the boy's clothing using a fire extinguisher and he was taken to Cork University Hospital where his condition is described as critical.

GardaÃ* are conducting an investigation into the incident and have appealed for witnesses to contact them at Gurranabraher Garda Station
Men Warm Up Human Feces In Microwave At Sandy 7-11

SANDY - Authorities want to capture three men who allegedly put a bag of human feces in a microwave at a Salt Lake area 7-11 convenience store and set the timer for ten minutes.

The men, who were filmed by the store's surveillance camera, were seen entering the store with the bag and later warming it up in the microwave. The men then left the store, which is located near 2100 East and 9400 South.

No one inside noticed the microwave running until the bag blew up a few minutes later, spreading the excrement and a foul stench around the store.
Surveillance video taken at a Sandy 7-11 store captured three men wanted for allegedly putting a bag of human feces in the store's microwave and setting the timer for 10 minutes.

Authorities said the microwave oven was destroyed and the store was permeated with the foul odor from the exploded bag of feces. The store underwent fumigation for a long period of time.

Officials said the stunt caused more than $3,000 in damages.

Authorities are asking for the public's help in identifying the men seen on the surveillance video. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact their local authorities or the Sandy Police Department.


ah, what would we do without morons.....
Ahahaha.... those are good. What morons.

Duuurrr.... heat up the petrol with a lighter... duurrrr.. that should work!
I don't know who the bigger assholes are the people complaining or the fucked up lawyer looking into it. Damn our country is fucked up! Why is this even a conversation?

Group wants Wi-Fi banned from public buildings

A group in Santa Fe says the city is discriminating against them because they say that they're allergic to the wireless Internet signal. And now they want Wi-Fi banned from public buildings.

Arthur Firstenberg says he is highly sensitive to certain types of electric fields, including wireless Internet and cell phones. Fucking nut with a tinfoil hat!

"I get chest pain and it doesn't go away right away," he said. I can hear his nasel whiney voice in this quote. Firstenberg and dozens of other electro-sensitive people in Santa Fe claim that putting up Wi-Fi in public places is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The city attorney is now checking to see if putting up Wi-Fi could be considered discrimination. What the fuck!

But City Councilor Ron Trujillo says the areas are already saturated with wireless Internet.

"It's not 1692, it's 2008. Santa Fe needs to embrace this technology, it's not going away," Trujillo said.

The city attorney hopes to have a legal recommendation by the end of the month. You get paid for this!
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Sensitive to Wi-Fi? Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong with people!!!


You know, since W decided to nix some clean air laws I'm having some issues with allergies. I don't typically have allergies or breathing issues....

Let me get my lawyer on the phone....
Train severs limbs of teens sunbathing on railroad trestle

LEBANON, Maine - Two teenage girls sunbathing on a railroad trestle lost limbs when a train came upon them unexpectedly in this New Hampshire border town, police said yesterday.

The girls were lying on beach towels on the trestle over Three Mill Pond when the train rounded a corner and began braking and blasting its horn shortly before 11 a.m., said Lieutenant Gary Fecteau of the York County Sheriff's Department.

The conductor and engineer say they never saw the girls move, but their injuries suggest they tried to scramble away at the last moment, Fecteau said.

Destiny Phaneuf, 13, of Lebanon lost her leg just below the knee; Rachel Brown 14, also of Lebanon, lost a foot, Fecteau said. Both were airlifted to Maine Medical Center in Portland.

The girls were cutting class and enjoying the sunny weather when the freight train came upon them, Fecteau said. There was no indication that the girls were impaired by alcohol or drugs or that their hearing was impaired by headphones, he said.

Phaneuf was unconscious when authorities arrived; Brown told police that the pair had fallen asleep while sunbathing, he said.

The train crew called to report the accident when it happened. Police and rescue workers from Milton, N.H., were first on the scene. They turned the investigation over to York County authorities after determining that the accident happened in Maine
How do you NOT hear a train coming??!!?