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Full Version: MySpace Hottie of the Week: Alexis
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total hotnessYes, it's that time of the week again... Friday, but more importantly, time to unveil this week's TMRzoo MySpace Hottie of the Week.

This week's dish is Alexis. The reason we chose her is simple... her's is a body that should be in a bikini 24/7 or in nothing at all. Look further down and you'll see what I mean. If you're not into Alexis... you're simply not into chicks.

It looks like Alex, 23 with blonde hair and green eyes, is currently residing in unknown parts of North Carolina, after some stints in both New York City and Philadelphia (go Eagles!) Based on her pics, I'd say she's a Maybe if we ask really nice she'll do the TMR Christmas office party.

Well, Maybe not.

To see more of Alex, check out her MySpace page. Watch out though, last we checked she had her page marked private to keep out you stalkers. Here's what you're missing...

To see more pics, visit the MySpace Hottie of the Week page
Hooch Wrote:her's is a body that should be in a bikini 24/7 or in nothing at all.

I'm gonna go with "nothing at all"!