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Full Version: MySpace Hottie of the Week: Christine Mendoza
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total hotnessLast week we ordered Chinese take-out. This week we are choosing something more tropical... let's say from the Pacific Islands. This dish may be just a little bit too spicy for us to handle though.

I'd like you guys to meet Christine... student, model and professional club girl. As you can see in the videos below, this gal can't stop shaking her ass and showing the world her goodies. Also displayed in the videos below is the rare talent of being able to display as much boobie as possible without showing any nip.

If you want Christine to shake her ass or just stand there and look amazing at your party or event, you can reach her at

Too see even more of Christine, if you haven't seen enough already, check out her official MySpace page, or her official website, where she has a weekly webcam show!

On with the show. You may need to take a break halfway down the page... or sooner.





If you think you've got what it takes to be a TMR MySpace Hottie of the week, or want to nominate a hottie, just contact us. Please check out our previous babes Meyli, Alex, Carlee and Sara.


ah, great flavor for summer
I do love eating good Mexican food


Chef_Tony Wrote:I do love eating good Mexican food

I heard mexican girls are into eating other things..


Pls post image sets of christine mendoza so that this thread will have more pages please...
Wow, three year old thread bump.
I came home to my apartment and found Christine on my couch just like this...

[Image: christine11.jpg]

I yelled at her and told her to get her damn shoes off my new couch. And don't get me started on using my remote.
I think it's her smile

[Image: mo5086.jpg]
I the no it's her great big... Tracts of land.
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