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I'm playing WoW, Rift, LotRO, Duke Nukem Forever, The Witcher 2, and looking forward to Elder Scrolls V....all on PC. I'm also thinking of starting a Gaming Club at the High School I teach at....not bad for a 60 YO retired military, full-time nerd eh? :)


Got to keep that brain active; it's far better than droning out in front of TV.

I downloaded Deus Ex: Human Revolution but got hung up on building another character in Borderlands! Borderlands is the most addicting game I have ever played.
I'll check it out.


thanks for this this link..great post..!!
Good site!Thanks for it!I believe in PC gaming's not dead.
Check out The Secret World by Funcom....don't paint the game with the same brush as "Age of Conan" which has improved greatly from its inauspicious beginnings. The Secret World is not the same old tired MMORPG...look into it and give it a try if you're so inclined. :)
PC Gaming will never die, they make way too much money on selling the parts to build a bad ass PC.
I think it is going the way of the Dodo , not a game coming out anytime in the foreseeable future with any promise whatsoever. Recently got all the upgrades for Civ 5 played it through once and just isn't worth a replay.Playing Marvel Heroes just to get eternity splinters for the free characters is beyond boring , almost have Dr Strange to 60 currently and still several toons to level up. Someone point out something that is good for more then one run through that doesn't cost a fortune.