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Full Version: Digusting Videos that will make you physically sick
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The title says it all, post em if you got em.

...oh, and no bitching about really getting sick. You've been warned.

Ok, I'll start
Speng, thank you for posting that. I had no idea there was a tool used to extract a baby from a cow. I think I'll buy one just so I can say I have it, but I don't think it'll fit in the toolbox.

On a similar note... first thing you ever taste in life is your mom's shit - fail.
When I was nine or ten years old, we took our yearly trip to the State Fair. While strolling though the cow barn I witnessed a cow giving birth, it scarred me for life. I had no idea what was happening, there was blood and shit flying everywhere. They didn't have the special tool for yanking the cow out, a couple of guys just pulled that slimy baby out.

Perhaps that explains my fascination with German porn.
Never eating veal again
[Image: 13174678099aea5fef1b.jpg]
Poor Teddy