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Full Version: Star Wars Blu-ray Set
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... will never, ever be on my shelf.

What is the obsession with the Vader "Nooooooooooooo"


Now, removing the puppet Yoda from Phantom Menace was a good idea since that was an abomination. But most importantly, the Ewoks will now blink. If there is anything that has bothered me over the past 30 years its that the Ewoks didn't blink. Finally, FINALLY, those obviously puppet-looking turds will be able to keep their eyes moist. Oh glorious day!


When is that fat fuck going to choke on a ham sandwich and die?
I was originally going to buy the set because Lucasfilm lied and said they fixed a bunch of shit...most notably all the goofy lightsaber errors in the original trilogy. They only fixed a few shots and spent all that time adding stupid shit.

That Vader "Nooooooooooooo" ruins one of the best moments of ROTJ.

This will be the first time in a long time that I'm boycotting a Star Wars release. I've purchased it numerous times on VHS, at least five times, bought the Prequel DVDs once and the Original trilogy twice. I won't buy it on Blu-Ray unless it's the original versions of the original trilogy.

Fuck that delusional asshole and his revisionism.
There is one change I like...

Speng Wrote:There is one change I like...

That fucking rocks!
another one...


there are a ton of "Han Shoots" parodies out there
After watching it again, I like the new Vader scene:

my son almost pissed himself watching this one:

Hooch Wrote:my son almost pissed himself watching this one:

That was great
These have been overdone but this is actually pretty good:

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