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Full Version: My Griffon Picture
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So I visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg not too long ago, and later I found out my friend had purchased our group photo on the ride. check out everyone's faces, they're ridiculous. I'm the guy in the blue shirt.
That must be a pretty sweet ride if EVERYONE is reacting like that.


hmm no one wanted to sit next to you?
Dude, you've got long red hair.
The guy in the front right seat (white shirt) looks like he's taking a serious dump and it HURTS
nah, guy in the front row, striped blue shirt. lol yeah the guy in the white has a pretty ridiculous face in this pic. Everyone looks terrified.

But yeah, the ride is really fun. It's one of the most popular rides at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The best part is at the top of the drop, which is 90 degrees straight down; they hold you at the top so you're just staring straight down, then they release you and it's like a free fall.


that sound pretty cool..... I haven't done roller coasters in years.

I ride the ocean.... that is quite an experience.
yeah, surfing is really fun. I tried to learn a few years ago in California, but that didn't go too well. Too bad the ocean's about 3 hours from where I live. Instead, I'd rather stick to going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. There's also a nice water park next to it called Water Country USA for the "water experience".