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Full Version: Thinking about Ditching the Chorus Pedal..
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It never ends!

Right now I'm running 2 H9's in parallel along fed by a Strymon Ola in "Multi" mode... All of this is post preamp at the moment.

I'm playing around with some of the modulation models inside the H9 in parallel with the Detune of the other H9. Seems to be a slightly crisper, but very similar result. Another interesting setting is the H9 detune in parallel with one of the rotary sims...

Maybe if I got out the old Ventilator and fed the H9's with that... Bwahahahahahahahaha!
I use my Ventilator as my chorus. A lot more lush. I have totally removed my Ibanez CS9 and my DOD from the board at this point.

Which DOD chorus were you using?

(Sorry, I love DOD shit.)
Exactly where I was going. Gotta either get out the PT2 or another pedalboard rearrangement. The Ventilator takes up a bit of real estate.

I really like the 2 H9's in parallel doing the detune/chorus thing.
I like my DOD chorus. I use it w/ acoustic.
Geez - Its going now...

Pulled the trigger on a PCM81. I really should sell some gear now. huge grin

Anyone want to buy a GMajor 2? huge grin
(09-22-2014, 07:17 AM)Big Flannel Wrote: [ -> ]*hijack*

Which DOD chorus were you using?

(Sorry, I love DOD shit.)

I have an old DOD 460 Mini Chourus. It is like a Small Clone but quite, I love the freaking thing.
Damn, I've been looking for one of those.

Hopefully they reissue is soon. I'm buying all of tue 2014 editions.
The anticipation is building... Monday evening (Why couldn't they have shipped Fedex Ground or USPS????)

6 Voice Chorusing.... + delay and reverb. A steep learning curve too.
Its here.... huge grin

I added my feet into the pic for your enjoyment... We know how people likes feets!!!!

[Image: 15208105410_39d35f05be_z.jpg]