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Full Version: Squire 60s CV Strat in the mail !
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Ordered almost all of the stuff for my next build ! Squire Custom Vibe 60s Strat 3 tone sunburst , white pickguard knobs and switches. Got the FU big block Babicz 6 point tremolo. Everything for the upgrades but the Fishman Fluence pickups and the battery pack. So now I need to find a few guitars to molest for money , going to do a neck this weekend but it is my buddy Chuck and he gets the friend deal so $50 to sand and tung oil it up nice. Pictures sometime next week before and after molestations commence.
abicz 6 point bridge with FU brass block first item to arrive ! [Image: Babicz6pointBridge001.jpg][Image: Babicz6pointBridge003.jpg][Image: Babicz6pointBridge004.jpg]
This is gonna turn out nicely
You say that now ! Then again you have played most everything laying around here too. Going to be nice to have something with 3 single coils in it.
I want to do a project with one of these:

[Image: DV016_Jpg_Large_H77032.003_lake_placid_blue.jpg]
If that has a swimming pool route it would be nice to put a mini humbucker in the middle oooooh ! 6 point Babicz ,planet waves tuners , graphtech nut , total rewire all electronics in some crazy scheme plus some nice (insert brand) pickups. Eventually I plan on either putting an ebony board and SS frets on it or maybe save up for 5 years and get one of those fancy ass $800 graphite necks. I miss the one that was on my Stienberger it was one smoking guitar , just felt great and was so smooth it made you play faster.
Are those babziconi bridges import spaced?
Think they are standard spaced but there are some Z series(cheaper models) with different spacing's wider and smaller Strat bridges. Specs . I put one on a Squire Tele no issues and one on a LTD Hybrid II and an Epi Dot all imports and metric.
(11-23-2014, 02:57 PM)kinnikuman Wrote: [ -> ]Are those babziconi bridges import spaced?

Yep the 6 hole are Mexican/Japanese spaced. I have two of them . Oinkus congrats this looks like a sick build.
Pouring rain and 7:30 am waiting on the truck Bruce , congrats on the Mockingbird score too. Gonna be awhile before I can afford those dern Fishman Fluences though , but I did a $50 job so I have $85 in my savings pile !
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