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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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Drinking Stoudt's Smooth Hoperator! Nicely done, but Doppelbock drinkers will be taken off guard very hoppy.
Sierra Nevada Anninersary Ale ...I thought there was a hop shortage roll eyes now I know where they went. huge grin Mmmm yummy ....Steve this is up your alley.
I am getting ready to workout I am drinking NO*Explode
My boss is moving and going elsewhere in the company so she gave me a ton of beer that she didn't want to have to take with her. So I'm drinking the Heineken Lights and Negra Modelos that she gave me.
pervertfreak Wrote:So I'm drinking the Heineken Lights and Negra Modelos that she gave me.

Free is great Negra Models are not that bad the Heineken Lights you are going to have to ice those down big time and drink them quick.
Guinness Extra Stout in my Guinness glass first beer of the new football season.
A Harvest moon. not a big fan of the pumkin beers.
Haverhill Brewery Leather Lips IPA its a local, Hooch I will send you down some I think you would like it
Lately I've been looking for every opportunity to drink that I can possibly find. Some you may know that my wife is a miserable, evil witch who treats beer like it's a narcotic. So when she said that she had a hair appointment and was going shopping afterwards I jumped on it. I had three cold Mike's Hard Lemonades in the fridge and a bottle of Cuervo Tequila. So I poured the Cuervo over lots of ice in a big ass 32oz. cup and topped it off with a Hard Lemonade and squeezed the juice of an entire lime into it. Then I did it again and again. Needless to say I was pretty friggin' loaded. I killed half of a fifth of tequila. They were actually pretty good. They tasted a lot like a margarita.
About to crack open a can of Dale's Pale Ale and few Sam Adams Oktoberfests for the Pats Kickoff in about 30 minutes.