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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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so it's kinda like saying "sometimes you have to bang a few ugly chicks to appreciate the hot ones"

got it.
Hell Or High Watermelon Wheat Beer fuck this is a great beer.
Sam Adams Cherry Wheat, Just went downstairs and brought up some Bigfoot and Harpoon Barleywine.
Bigfoot bitches. You know I am drunk!


sippin on secrub joose


wait, that post sound fucking gay

but i was quoting snoop
I had a bunch of guys helping me move furniture all day. They appreciated the Lion Imperial Pils I handed out after.
Sierra Nevada Torpedo fuckin great


Securb Wrote:Sierra Nevada Torpedo fuckin great

what makes it a Torpedo?
3dR3 Wrote:what makes it a Torpedo?

Torpedo celebrates the brewery’s dedication to 100% whole-cone hops all the way through the brewing process. The name itself comes from a device called the “hop torpedo” that was conceived, designed and developed at the brewery. The result is a revolutionary method of dry-hopping that harnesses the vital hop oils and resins that lead to an unusually flavorful and aromatic beer featuring the full, nuanced range of spicy complexity that hops have to offer. Designed with a mixture of hop varietals, each with their own unique character, Torpedo Extra IPA has layers of flavors ranging from citrus, herbs, black pepper and pine, with delicate hints of tropical fruit.