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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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It looks like a bit of early drinking is going on, on the east coast. I just bangged down a Long Hammer IPA I think a Bigfoot '10 is on tap.

I am hitting an outdoor concert later I have Flying Dog Double Dog IIPA and Harpoon Leviathan IIPA on deck.
Securb Wrote:It looks like a bit of early drinking is going on, on the east coast.

This Stone Levitation is dedicated to my Jeep, which I just got back after a solid month in the body shop. Cheers!

The piss I take later is for the Toyota rental I had for that time period.
I have tailgated in that Jeep I guess I will crack a Biggie in it's honor
I'm raising this glass of "Arrogant Bastard" to the Philadelphia Flyers. I normally wouldn't give 2 shits about hockey, but somebody here threw down the gauntlet via text message.


Stone is a good theme. I just had my last day of work today. I'm switching to another job so Sublimely Self-Righteous fits the bill superbly.
I am having a big glass of "What The Fuck Was That?" Fuckin Bruins nothing changes.
Harpoon IPA
Hooch Wrote:Harpoon IPA

Wow I guess me sending all of those Boston care packages did influence you over the years.
sam adams at the hard rock. Gonna be a good day.
Ice cold PBR in a can first of the season