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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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Securb Wrote:Did you trade your scrotum for the bottle.

my scrotum is in the bottle
Hooch Wrote:What is the skinny on Rogue's Imperial Younger's Special Bitter. I have a cute little 7 oz here.

I just paid $5.45 for one of those nip bottles it better be good. If it sucks expect a very special angry Suds on Saturday.
Pretty Things American Darling Lager.
Papercity Hopmonster. I have to reinstall all of my software expect mega beer posts tonight between reboots.
Filled the growler with Dogfish 60 min.
Southern Tier Iniquity Imperial Black Ale
Bigfoot 09 Beeches
Yuengling Lager... In the Linc parking lot
Hooch Wrote:Yuengling Lager... In the Linc parking lot

I am drinking warm Natty Ice cuz my fridge is broken. Atilla's bath water would taste better.