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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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How's the flavor compare, it it a huge difference?
Speng Wrote:How's the flavor compare, it it a huge difference?

I is definitely Guinness but a bit more roasted malt and a hell of a lot more hops. Not as smooth as the draught or the extra it is a bit sharper and aggressive. IMO


Green Tea -- this stuff is amazing.....
HilaryRussell Wrote:Green Tea -- this stuff is amazing.....

Tell us more, like it's healing properties and where we can purchase it online!


New beer brewed up in little Lewiston, Me. Trendy can packaging. Worthy brew; crisp, light, good flavor, nice hop bite in the finish, 6.9abv, pretty lacing down the glass. Glad I picked up and I'd buy again.
[Image: StowawayIPA.png]
Fuckballs is this good

[Image: newbelgium_ranger2.jpg]
I have a bottle of Long trail IIPA for the draft.
a bottle of red wine someone gave us as a housewarming gift. EHH..
I am going on a pub crawl and then ultimately to see Warren Hayes tonight I will tweet my beers along the way
Only the one beer?