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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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Securb Wrote:I was at Harpoon yesterday had them all

[Image: 323294968.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJF3XCCK...8v8Sp5w%3D]

Sounds like a great day. Harpoon is quietly cranking out some of the very best quality local brews.


[Image: Dubbel_Cannon_photo.jpg]

I've been finding that most IPA/Belgium beers have two great tastes that fight for your attention but ultimately leave the taste buds unsatisfied. This beer brings the fight to a draw and leaves you appreciating the intense effort of both sides. I've been through two sixers already, and will heading out to find a couple more before they disappear off the scene.
3daddict Wrote:That's a fun area down there. I can't imagine trying to navigate to all the places that I did without a GPS.

When I first moved in I got lost for 45 minutes trying to find my new place. After that all confusion was caused by booze. If Hooch finally gets up here that is the first neighborhood I am taking him to. Screw the tourist crap
Brooklyn Local 1
Securb Wrote:If Hooch finally gets up here

After I get thru this weekend we'll pick a date for this summer and set it in stone.
Hooch Wrote:After I get thru this weekend we'll pick a date for this summer and set it in stone.

Cool once I know the date I will call Sam Adams we can start the Terror Tour there.
My Antonia
I am getting ready to crack a Smuttynose IPA screw waiting for noon


Not at the moment, unfortunately, but at 4:01pm! I finally found a 2011 sixer I could get my hands on...
[Image: 2010_Beer_Bigfoot.jpg]