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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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Sam Adams Porch Rocker
continuing thru the Sam Adams summer sampler
Picked up a Kona variety pack
Pre-gaming for the Sammy Hagar/Buckcherry Show

[Image: BXdGkB0IYAI6GUb.jpg:large]
I decided to drink some of the beer that's been sitting in the basement for years, I had a couple of Samuel Adams Summer Ales. For being over five years past it's prime, it's pretty damn good.

Maybe it's actually shit and I don't know any better, I haven't had a beer in a long time.
FYI, my tolerance is way down.
Yeah, that is not a beer that one would typically lay down for 5 years. It isn't hoppy or high in alcohol. I have had worse.
I'm going to go root around later and see what else is down there.
hot chocolate with coffee.
Good old tap water