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Full Version: What are you drinking right now?
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I have the day off I am going to crack a AB Beach Bum Ale.....this is a nice blonde ale yummy
Securb Wrote:I have the day off I am going to crack a AB Beach Bum Ale.....this is a nice blonde ale yummy

That beer sucks, oh did I say that? hehe. I am about to head to the new Lowell Beerworks (MA brewpub chain) for a pint of IPA, Abbey Ale, and perhaps a Hefeweizen. Securb you should come up my way some time and check it out. They put in new kettles old ones went with Concord Brewing aka the new Rapscallion Brewing to Pennichuck's facilites in Milford, NH.

Also talked to the brewer last time I was there and beer production will commence shortly first up will be the cask offerings. Right now they are bringing in beer from the Boston and Salem locations. I might actually do my first brewpub review for the new site tonight.
pervertfreak Wrote:Just had my twin boys 3rd B-Day party on Sunday. Drank my face off throughout the day and managed to lose my wedding ring out in the yard somewhere:(. So needless to say, my wife is pissed.
I want to thank everyone for the cards and flowers. They were very thoughtful! Everyone can relax. I got the moonbounce out this afternoon and found my ring right away. I hardly had it out of the zippered bag/case and out it fell onto the ground. HOORAY! I'm married again!... :(
Lucky bastard you would have been a dead man.
Glad to hear Perv, that could've been a really long weekend otherwise.
We have a fridge in the garage where we keep soda and the other people in the family keep their beer. I have been drinking the swill in there all day because it is closer to the yard and the tools. Now that I have tasted a skunked Amstel Light I am back to my beer fridge and a Dales Pale Ale. Yes Frank I know serves me right for drinking that swill.
Im having a Sam Adams Irish Red this is right up Worm and Cody's alley you guys should get some of this if you cant find it let me know and I will ship out a sixpack ;)
I just had a Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Imperial Stout in a can noe I am cracking a Greene King IPA in a can.
Pint O' Bass in the can
Securb Wrote:Pint O' Bass in the can

I hope you lubed up before you shoved it up your can