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Full Version: Treyarch Xbox 360
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I know, KNOW, there are guys out there that appreciate not only a campaign written by somebody older than 7, but sweet, sweet Zombies on the old 360...
I play 360 often. What are you talking about
COD World at War/Black Ops/Black Ops 2 zombies, man!

It's a blast and it'd be awesome to actually hear some voices and drink some beers with some dudes far-flung and not likely to meet in person.

And kill zombies!
My gamertag is Big Flannel and I probably still have Black Ops.
If I had internet suitable for live play I'd definitely join.

I'm gonna be one giddy ass motherfucker the day I don't have satellite internet.
Alright, guys. Lets get a party together for some zombies.

Unfortunately, my mic ate shit but I'll see if I can come up with something.

Saturday night, maybe? I know I'm not the only loser to stay home on weekends!
Hit me up with a friend request.