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Full Version: Xbox One baby
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Traded in my 360, the games and all bits and pieces for the 360 and bought an Xbox One a couple days ago.
The only games I've bought so far are the Halo Master Chief Collection and Destiny. The system came with Assasins Creed Unity and Black Flag through download with a code, but I haven't installed those yet.

The Halo series looks amazing; even though I played #4 on the 360, the graphics really pop on the One.
So far the reboot of #2 is like playing a whole new game.
Only a short bit into Destiny, but it's looking pretty nice thus far.

The controller is streamlined and feels a lot easier to use than the 360 one did.
Mine's brand new so all the bugs associated with the initial release are gone, I hope anyway.

Not a big C.O.D. fan but am seriously thinking of picking up the new one, but we'll see. After buying a few of them for my son and seeing how quickly he finished them I think they're overpriced and not great value for the dollar.

A lot of the games out right now didn't catch my eye but IIRC there's a bunch more slated to be released soon that I saw advertised that look pretty cool.
Congrats. I love mine. I dont have a ton of time for gaming so I only have Watch Dogs right now. I am going to jump on and play a little now.