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Full Version: PS3 internet connection speed issue
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My internet connection at the PC is about 52-60Mbps. At the PS3 through wireless adapter it is about 14Mbps. When I run a network cable to it, the speed increases to 20Mbps.

What could be causing this poor performance?
You got a live one, Stephen. Either that or you have a serious security issue on your router. ;)
Could be anything. I was having wireless problems and my son figured out my wireless headphones sitting next to the router were dampening the signal. Moved the headphones and I got incredible speeds. Even mylar balloons in the room can screw up a wireless signal.
Meh, it's not much better wired. Methinks something is amiss with the unit.
More unsolicited info from me... I know, I know...

I take it you don't have the option to test to the exact same server, right? (I do not trust those services at all FWIW) Its going to be an apples to oranges comparison any way you look at it.

The actual difference on an apples to apples comparison might not be as large as you said in the OP. I'm not considering the wired/wireless hit which seems to be pretty significant for whatever reason.

Problem is no provider can guarantee throughput across peering points, endpoint servers, etc.
Maybe a System Software update would help.
- -
Already done. I update every time it's available.

It won't run flash in the browser, despite repeated claims by the unit that it has the latest version already loaded. It won't run java either.

All the sites I use to test the PC require flash or java. Hm
Don't know if this will help; from sony;
Quote:PlayStation Knowledge Center
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Flash Player on PS3
[PS3™ system] Updated 10/22/2013

With system software version 2.50 and later, support for Adobe® Flash® Player 9 has been added to Internet Browser icon (Internet Browser) on the PlayStation 3.

You do not need to turn this setting on for the Flash Player to work. If you visit a website that has flash content, you will see a message on the PS3 Internet Browser that states "Do you want to run the plugin?", highlight "Yes" and press the X button icon button. This will allow the flash content to play.

If the video does not play, go to [Settings] > [System Settings] and select "Restore Defaults Settings". Then go back to the website and then select "Yes" when asked if you wish to run the plug-in.

Click here to download the latest version of the PS3 system software.
Another thing I read was that " Adobe aren't doing any more flash updates for consoles, after V9 ". Also there is a differentiation beteen running java and javascript.
I did all that and flash sites still don't load.

I figure that within the next 12 months I'll have to upgrade to PS4.
It does seem to be slowly rendered obsolete, like older computer gear.
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